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Flashstock connects the best freelancers with Fortune 500 brands

Shoot stunning visual content for the world's top brands, build your portfolio, and hone your skills all while collecting supplemental income. Established and high-performing contributors can join our Flashstock Preferred Photographer program, where contributors learn how to tackle more complex and challenging assignments & receive more lucrative projects.

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The Flashstock Approach

Flashstock is a cost-effective way for marketers to develop a lot of content in a short amount of time that still meets the brand's high standards. We’ve taken a complex creative concept that previously required a full production team to execute and removed the complicated layers by deploying the fresh project to matched contributors globally through our platform.

The result? Stunning imagery and motion content that meets the brand's social marketing needs.

Our projects are simple concepts with minimal logistical efforts required. You accept projects based on the things you already have access to using friends and family in authentic yet inspirational situations. Projects normally take around an hour or two to shoot; and you only opt in for the assignments you can complete. There’s no commitment when signing up, giving you the creative freedom to select projects based on your interests. These are fun to shoot, and a fantastic way to build your photographic profile and earn some extra income.

What are you waiting for? Sign up today!

Together, we’ll flourish

As photographers and videographers, you thrive on working with creative brands that are innovative, exciting, and give you opportunities to expand your portfolio and experience. We provide access to brands and projects that give you that experience.

By acting as liaisons between both you and our clients, we give you access to Fortune 500 companies and globally recognized brands that you may not get a chance to shoot for independently. We work with you as a team to highlight your strengths, and give you briefs that fit and accentuate your skills. We have team members with photographic backgrounds ready to assist in your growth, opening doors to content creation opportunities.

If you’re already an excellent photographer, we have opportunities for you to grow other areas of your skillsets. Great at shooting portraits but interested in moving into food? There’s a spot for you here at Flashstock.

Creative, curious, and inspirational you

Our contributors are independent seekers of opportunities. They are storytellers through lenses. They are excited by the world that surrounds them, and eager to learn all that they can. They are limitless, and inspirational. They are:

  • A mix of social media savvy photographers and semi-professional shooters.

  • Millennial Instagrammers and influencers who create stunning, curated content for their own channels and subsequently use their skills to create branded work that's perfect for social.

  • Handpicked, vetted and placed into tiers to ensure high quality.

We support your talent

The first and most important part of the process of becoming a contributor with us is your portfolio review.

This is not based on your social influence, nor about your ability to curate a social profile. We value you based on your skills as photographers and videographers. We look at your websites, your social media, and any other photography profile you wish to show us. We converse with you, and we're generally interested in what you are interested in shooting and learning from us. We want to give you those opportunities in return for your creative passion.

We provide access to brands that would traditionally be hard to reach for up and coming photographers. We remove the complexity of high production shoots, and allow you creative flexibility to create innovative content for globally recognized companies within a developed initial idea. We provide a canvas, and you paint it for the brands of your selection.

We have a team of people dedicated to hearing what types of projects you are interested in shooting, and have systems in place to develop you and excel you through the tiers of our contributor network. Let’s create a long term partnership based on the skills you’ve worked so hard to attain and nourish - your skills behind the lens.