FlashStock Technology Inc.

The L'Oréal Challenge

Create high quality content at scale for use across multiple platforms while working within a defined budget.  

The Shutterstock Custom Solution

Shutterstock Custom collaborates across various L'Oréal divisions with multiple brand teams who have experienced unique pain points in content creation as outlined below.  Through onboarding, Shutterstock Custom works closely with brand teams to identify the key objectives they want to achieve, define the look and feel of visuals, and a client success plan for each annual subscription term.  The Shutterstock Custom team provides recommendations on how to launch briefs for each creative project to its global network of contributors in order to meet the defined objectives and bring each brand's story to life.

Collaborative Results

Brand teams receive custom collections of content - photography, videos, GIFs, cinemagraphs (and now 360 videos & photos) - for unlimited global exclusive licensing across any channel.  




Garnier looks to Shutterstock Custom as a solution for volume [pun intended] of imagery created with platform specificity in mind.  With a diverse product line, there is a need for a lot of content which would be extremely expensive if relying upon a traditional agency model.  

Whether it's product-centric or people-focused, Shutterstock Custom's global network of contributors and technological platform is the solution for creating UGC-like content in a scalable way.

Together, Garnier and Shutterstock Custom collaborate to create consistently high quality content to supplement its high cost agency-created campaigns. 



The Vichy team partners with Shutterstock Custom to create beautiful and authentic content for Instagram on a budget.  They need to hold a distinct yet consistent look and feel across all imagery at a volume that would be too expensive to produce through an agency.  

Utilizing the Shutterstock Custom platform to identify go-to Vichy contributors, the team has built a roster that delivers the mood, tone, and style of the Vichy brand on a consistent basis.  The Vichy roster incorporates any variety of products and props needed to provide them with a steady stream of fresh and on-brand content, keeping their Instagram library beautiful!

  Baxter of California

Even the extremely social brands like Baxter of California come to Shutterstock Custom for support in creating on-brand custom content for their specific digital marketing needs.

In its early days, Baxter of California relied heavily on influencers and their general audience to create user generated content.  Catering to a very social savvy bunch, the brand has seen a lot of success with organic content -- but sometimes they need to get a little more specific with the content they want to promote.

Not wanting to lose its Instagram-worthy style, Baxter of California leverages Shutterstock Custom's diverse network to create authentic images featuring its target demographic with or without products.  

The collaboration has led to them being able to feature newly launched products and more specific scenarios than what they've otherwise sourced via their influencer model.

  La Roche Posay

La Roche Posay's approach to content has been a combination of images and illustrations with copy overlays.  When looking to increase its presence on Instagram, La Roche Posay looks to Shutterstock Custom to increase its usage of photography-based content to tell a consistent story about the brand in an authentic lifestyle approach.

La Roche Posay and Shutterstock Custom collaborate to create more relevant and high quality content within a limited budget.  With a cost effective solution, La Roche Posay is able to create the volume of content needed to put the brand on par with already established global channels.


Dermablend and Shutterstock Custom collaborate to create imagery as they transition from their old identity to their new and improved look.

With a need for high-volume and variety of content, the Dermablend team launches briefs through the Shutterstock Custom platform, sends product to its preferred roster of Shutterstock Custom photographers, and receives high quality images featuring products and people for immediate use on its digital channels.

Shutterstock Custom's imagery are increasingly seen on Dermablend's Instagram, allowing their followers to see new products and engage with the brand's new look.




The SkinCeuticals brand needs content shot on location at the many spa, aesthetician, and plastic surgery clinics where it is present  around the country.  The team also has to convey the scientific-informed formula of the products in the imagery. 

They leverage their network of environments across the country that carry SkinCeuticals and deploy photographers to capture a variety of product focused content at those locations.  Relying on the photographers to scout talent at each location and incorporate the identity of the brand, the Shutterstock Custom contributors deliver content from coast-to-coast.

  Shu Uemura

Shu Uemura works with Shutterstock Custom to support two goals: 1. showcase Shu Uemura's entire portfolio of products on the brand's social channels; 2. celebrate their 2016 rebranding. 

With Shutterstock Custom's iterative model, Shu Uemura is able to fine-tune the direction they want to take the brand's visual presence.  By working through a visual identity calibration session with the Shutterstock Custom client success team, Shu Uemura determined the look and feel of the overall brand, establishing visual guidelines across each creative project.


In addition to still photography, Shutterstock Custom offers short form video, GIFs and cinemagraphs!


Shutterstock Custom Cinemagraphs


FlashStock Short Videos


Shutterstock Custom GIFs

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Now in beta: FlashStock 360 Photos & Videos 

Program Overview

FlashStock now supports 360 photos & videos.  

Through FlashStock you now have access to images, GIFs, cinemagraphs, short form video, and 360 photos & videos!

What's included?

  • 360 training, brief writing and best practices
  • 360 client support
  • up to 3 video setups OR 5 photo setups per brief

Click and drag over the image to the right for a 360 experience.