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Bring your stories to life with Instagram ads in stories

Instagram is giving businesses a new opportunity to bring their stories to life. The new Ads in Stories format was officially launched today, which will inspire marketers to tell their stories through even greater creative and visual inspiration.

A little background on Instagram Stories

Instagram has always been positioned as the visually inspiring social platform. People visit Instagram to rapidly discover new content in compelling visual styles. Instagram is a platform perfectly positioned to complement the rise of mobile’s impact on consumer behavior.

  • 73% of people say their mobile device is always with them

  • People are checking their phones up to 150 times per day

  • 90% of users are in discovery mode, browsing through 4-6 social apps - among them, Instagram

In August 2016, Instagram released its Instagram Stories format so you could share all the moments of your busy day. You can use Stories to combine content into a slideshow, which is a format well received by Instagram users. By the end of 2016, over 150 million people were interacting with content from Instagram Stories on a daily basis.

In an article on Buzzfeed, Instagram co-founder and CEO Kevin Systrom said the process of developing and releasing Stories came about due to the company’s passion for authentic content consumption.

“We wanted to be sure that we were doing the right thing for the community. Ephemerality had to be adopted in a way that worked.”


Ad in Stories gone global

The rapid rise in Stories usage naturally encouraged Instagram to monetize the popular content format.

Specs and Insights

Ads in Stories allows brands to insert single media ads in between their stories. The ads will be full screen photos (with 5 second durations) or videos (up to 15 second durations), which are the same as organic posts. There will be options for placement optimization and the ability to insert links released over the next few months.

Ads in Stories will initially allow you to insert one piece of media per story. These ads can showcase:

  • Seasonal sales

  • New product alerts

  • Exclusive user experiences

  • Online or in-store promotions

  • How-to guides

  • Behind the scenes content

Let your ads compliment your main Instagram feed

You can create your Instagram Stories ads the same way that you would create ads for your regular Instagram content. Simply visit Ad Creation or Power Editor to decide on your target audience, the duration you want the ad to run, and how much budget to allocate for the content.

Users will have the ability to interact with your ads by tapping forward, backward, and pausing the ad at their discretion. There will also be a sponsored label and an advertiser label included in the ads. According to the release, reach will be the initial objective to analyze the effectiveness of Ads in Stories.

Over the coming months, Instagram will continue to expand availability to more ad objectives including video views, website clicks, website conversions and mobile app installs / mobile app engagements.

How to produce the right creatives for Ads in Stories

The visual nature of Instagram means there is always a need for new content. Updates are pushed out quickly and frequently, placing more pressure on brands to scale their content creation processes.

Redesign your creative process

The real-time need for fresh content leaves many companies scrambling to produce new creative assets. The quality of these assets often suffers from a quick turnaround rate, but there are alternative ways to increase output without sacrificing quality.

Companies are increasingly relying on technology to help scale how they create content. These SaaS-enabled services streamline the creative process by connecting the brands that need content with the practitioners who can provide it.

The platforms allow you to use and reuse your content at scale, and also develop new assets for upcoming marketing campaigns. You can use the technology to:

  • Define your visual identity

  • Brief a global network

  • Receive on-brand visual or video content

  • Hold exclusive rights to the material

Extend the capabilities of your team

The real interesting feature about content as a service solutions is that they take what is traditionally classified as a labor force, and transform it into a product. You can incorporate this product into your operations, essentially adding a new arm to your creative team.

Everyone always says that an extra pair of hands goes a long way. Use those extra hands to enhance your use of Instagram and incorporate Ads in Stories.

Learn how to think about Instagram Stories and your creative approach to scaling content by downloading the recording of our webinar.