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Shutterstock Custom Now Offers Short Videos, Cinemagraphs & GIFS!

Shutterstock Custom is thrilled to announce that we now offer short-format videos, GIFs, and Cinemagraphs! 

Consumer media consumption has shifted to visual formats at an astonishing rate. Thumb-stopping formats -like beautiful imagery, video, GIFs and the still-nascent Cinemagraph- are required in such a media-saturated environment. To monetize this shift, major social platforms have introduced new ad-product formats for advertisers, all with differentiated specs and viewability.

Motion-format visual content is undoubtedly a more engaging and effective way to help advertisers to meet their campaign targets. However, creating motion-format content at the volume and frequency required to maintain an online presence is intimidating, if not impossible using the traditional full-production model. 

We are making this task possible and easy for advertisers by updating our proprietary platform and tapping into a global network of contributors. Shutterstock Custom clients now have access to a full suite of visual storytelling tools at their disposal. 

Here’s a closer look at some of our new formats: 

Short-format videos

  • Best suited to grab consumers' attention and tell a complete story 
  • Different social platforms have different length limits, specs and styles, so marketers need to tailor videos to each platform for optimal effect

Animated GIFs

  • Simple visual storyline, yet more engaging than still images - makes them highly shareable
  • Less resource-intensive in terms of creative planning and execution


  • Nascent motion format: could surprise consumers with novelty and generate buzz 
  • Smartly separates still element from moving element, effectively directs consumers' attention

Shutterstock Custom is trusted by 7/10 of the top global advertisers, we are committed to staying ahead of global and industry trends for visual storytelling; since the world is constantly changing, so are we.