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Here are 2 clever ways Instagram updates help you create custom content

Social media is how marketers and consumers form personalized, one-on-one relationships. Millions of people spend several hours a day engaged with their social accounts, and many brands create custom content for the explicit purpose of promoting it on social media.

The capabilities of social media, from both a brand and consumer’s perspective, are continuously evolving with technology. New platform updates, developed by social kingpins, are released to market every year. Each of these announcements brings new features and benefits that tempt consumers and empower marketers.

There were several social updates throughout 2017, particularly on Instagram. As one of the world’s largest visual sharing applications, Instagram is an important platform for marketing initiatives.

Simply put, the world’s visual intelligence is on the rise and the demand for more creative visual content is growing at a rapid pace. Creating content for Instagram is a crucial part of any marketing strategy.

As you prepare to turn the page on 2017 and begin a new chapter in 2018, consider how your audience will use Instagram when creating your content. Optimize your brand’s relationship between Instagram and marketing for a vigorous 2018.

Create content people will highlight and archive

Instagram unveiled their latest update at the beginning of December 2017. The platform now allows consumers to both highlight and archive Stories content. These releases help people present a clearer picture of their personalities based on the content they’ve shared over time.

For marketers, Instagram has opened the door to solutions that will propel your marketing campaigns forward. Improving brand affinity, recognition, and recall is a common goal of any leading marketer, and Instagram’s new features help accomplish those goals.

However, make sure that you select the right stories to highlight and archive. By including more custom content in your Instagram Stories, you’ll build more trust and credibility with your target audience. People will recognize your content as unique, interesting, and more thoughtful than sales or product-heavy communications.

As a result, your brand becomes more memorable, spurring greater engagement with your content.

A custom piece of content is one for the highlights

Instagram has promoted their new Stories Highlights feature as a chance for people to group content from previous stories into a spotlight of their personality.

How does that help you as a marketer?

Instagram Stories Highlights content.png

The name says it all. You can re-share your most highlight-worthy content with your network. Take a look through your existing Stories and review the content that earned the most engagement in terms of likes, comments, shares, clickthroughs, and other insightful metrics.

Think about it. If people engaged with your content once before, and especially if they clicked to go further with your story, you can safely bet that the same result will happen again. The fact that you’re combining the best of all your digital assets only increases the potential for audience engagement.

Access your most memorable content in the archives

The other element of Instagram’s new release is the Stories Archives, a feature that makes the highlight reel a possibility.

How can use the Archives to your advantage?

Instagram Stories Archives content.png

When Instagram Stories first rolled out, your stories content would expire after a 24 hour period and be lost to the digital abyss. The new archives feature offers a reprieve to your stories content, extending the lifespan of your most popular pieces of content and allowing you to resurface those promotions in one of your future highlights.

Accessing your archived content is a straightforward process. Tap on any content in your archive, and add it to your stories highlight. Alternatively, you could simply share the content in a new Instagram post.

Create custom content and develop clever highlights

Now that Instagram has given you these opportunities, how do you create enough content to produce clever stories highlights?

Remember that custom content resonates with most consumers. In a survey on the subject, 90% of respondents said they prefer brands that use custom content to engage with them.

To match consumer demand, you need a process to scale production of custom content. Your creative library becomes more robust with each unique piece of content produced for your brand.

Expanded creative capabilities are the process and technology is the tool to help you scale. Millions of brands are leveraging technology to expand the abilities and capacities of existing workflows. You can do the same by making the right investments for your brand.

Now is the time to consider expanding your capabilities. The new year is just around the corner and creative content for Instagram Stories, along with many other platforms, will be even more important for effective marketing in 2018.

Are you ready to fill your Instagram Stories archives and build creative highlights? Make the right technology investments today to make 2018 even more effective. Listen to our “smart content investments in 2018” webinar for recommendations that will help you seamlessly develop more creative content for Instagram and other marketing mediums.