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How to build client relationships with custom video content

Technology has torn down the barriers that traditionally separated brands from their consumers. Social and digital channels allow marketers to engage in one on one interactions with the people who choose to follow your brand.

Content is the tool used by marketers to make those connections. But the right types of content will convert a connection into a consumer.

What qualifies as the right type of content?

First of all, custom or personalized content is far more effective than generic assets. Custom content speaks directly to your target connection and allows that person or group of people to relate to your brand on their terms. If you take the time to create a very personalized piece of content, you’ll be more successful at building sustainable relationships with your customers.

But that relationship is only established over time and begins with the earliest stage of the connection. You need to make your audience aware of who you are and motivate them to show an active interest in your brand’s content. Once you capture and retain their attention, you can engage them with frequency and consistency.

That means your focus should be on producing the right types of content that will help make people aware of your brand and keep them engaged with your content. Videos do just that, but custom-made videos will do that in addition to making your brand stand out from the clutter.

Why video content matters for effective digital marketing

Studies have tested how human beings process and recall information through various senses. Data suggests that we retain, on average, around 20% of the information we hear, and up to 30% of what we see.

However, we remember as much as 70% of what we both see and hear.

Think about that for a moment. Human beings are capable of recalling the majority of content that’s both seen and heard. That’s powerful incentive for marketers to produce content that appeals to both senses.

As you can expect, video content is the best format to share your message for both visual and audio consumption. Videos conceptualize your brand identity for both the eyes and ears to consume. Viewers develop a clear sense of who you are and what value you provide through a custom-made video.

The numbers suggest your target audience will remember the bulk of custom video content you share. There's no question that you’ll definitely want to include video in your marketing plans.

Creating video has traditionally been timely and expensive

Simply deciding that you need to create video doesn’t automatically translate into usable video content.

The fact of the matter is that traditional processes used to create video content are time-consuming and expensive for many marketing teams. These workflows are cumbersome, outdated, and nearly impossible for teams to scale.

This is a byproduct of social media and the rise of digital marketing. Social and digital news feeds allow consumers to access new or interesting content at their own convenience. They expect that opportunity and demand new ideas or updates practically in real-time.

Unfortunately, many marketing teams are not built to satisfy modern consumer demand. Traditional content development required large-scale budgets and timelines to produce a handful of assets used by the brand throughout the year. But social and digital platforms require lots of content on an ongoing basis to keep your brand top of mind with consumers as they browse through cluttered news feeds.

Brad Jakeman of PepsiCo perhaps summarizes the marketer’s dilemma.

For a brand like Pepsi, it was once sufficient for us to produce four pieces of content a year — mainly TV — and we could spend about six to eight months developing that one piece of content and spend $1 million on each piece of film. Now, that four pieces has turned into 4,000; eight months has changed to eight days and eight hours; and budgets have not gone up.
— Brad Jakeman, PepsiCo

You need to create many videos for mobile moments

Brands must create many different pieces of content because people consume that content in little moments throughout the day. These micro-moments are a result of mobile behavior, which Forrester VP and Principal Analyst Julie Ask coins as mobile moments.

As a brand, you need to work very hard to win, serve, and retain your customers in those mobile moments. It takes a multi-pronged strategy. You’re going to have to manufacture mobile moments and create net new opportunities or reasons to engage with your consumers.

When people browse through their social feeds, the majority do so using their mobile devices. Data from SmartInsights shows that over 90% of mobile moments occur within apps, especially in popular social or messaging apps. That means marketers need to create content for Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, and other platforms where people spend their time.

But think about the typical mobile in-app experience. When you enter an app, you’re immediately bombarded by a near limitless stream of content shared by thousands of providers. There’s so much content to scroll through on your device, and make no mistake about it - the thumb is definitely in charge.

After several moments of scrolling through the news feed, it’s not uncommon for all of that content to become a giant indistinguishable blur. If everything in the feed looks generic, there’s nothing unique or bold enough to capture your attention as you do a little thumb-scrolling.

You also need your content featured at the top of those news feeds. Your consumers expect access to new content at their own convenience and will view their social feeds at any given moment of the day. To ensure you’re consistently reaching your target audience, you need to ramp up your production of custom video content.

That means you need a process to create a lot of video content with little turnaround time so that you can keep your audience’s attention on your brand. As you produce and share more videos, you’ll develop an engaging relationship with your clients.

Connect with people who can help you scale

Did you know that the freelance economy is a thriving business? Data shows that over 160 million people in Europe and the United States “engage in some form of independent work.”

These are highly skilled individuals whose creative talents can be used to produce content for your brand. You can amplify the capabilities of your existing creative team by connecting with the best talent from the gig economy to create video content that’s custom-made for your unique visual brand identity.

You can make the right connections by leveraging the power of technology. Platforms like Shutterstock Custom allow you to calibrate your unique visual identity and then connect with independent workers whose skills best align to the needs of your brand.

This is an agile, cost-effective and, most important, scalable way to create all of the custom video content required for your marketing campaigns. You can create videos that best reflect your brand identity in a way that will capture the attention of your target audience. As you ramp up production, you can build scalable relationships with your viewers that will eventually transform them into loyal customers.

Eager to produce custom video content for your brand? Book a demo and speak with one of Shutterstock Custom’s specialists to learn more about how you can create more of the types of content that help you build sustainable relationships with your customers.