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How to create custom social and digital content that converts

Marketing in today’s environment requires a social and digital strategy to attract new customers. Social media has taken the world by storm and is used by millions of people every day.

One of the biggest engines driving social behavior is mobile. People are absolutely enamored with their mobile devices, and the numbers demonstrate how popular mobile has become.

Flurry Analytics says the average person spends up to 5 hours per day on their mobile device. That adds up to approximately 300 mobile moments per person each day, and 90% of those mobile moments are spent in-app. According to the numbers, the most popular apps are social and messaging apps, primarily Facebook, Instagram, and similar platforms.

Given the amount of time people spend engaging with social apps on their mobile devices, there’s no question that mobile and social content must be at the forefront of marketing strategies.

The challenge becomes how do you create the types of content that resonate on those platforms. More importantly, how do you create social content that will convert viewers into customers?

Understand consumer behavior towards social content

In order to convert social viewers into paying customers, you first need to capture their attention.

Earning that attention can prove difficult. Facebook and Instagram, the latter in particular, are very visual platforms. Visual content is what people use to educate or entertain their followers on those channels.

That’s why, for example, marketers devote so many resources towards creating visual content for Instagram. The content needs to be bold enough to capture people’s attention in very cluttered news feeds.

This is one of many crucial factors taken into consideration by successful marketers. If the majority of people are interacting with social content via mobile, it means they’re scrolling through news feeds with endless streams of content. Those feeds are populated with updates shared by all the people and brands each individual consumer follows on their social account.

Thumb-scrolling behavior is all it takes for a potential consumer to view your content or skip it entirely. Facebook has compiled interesting data on thumb-scrolling behavior, and how it influences the ways people respond to social content. The former head of Facebook’s Global Consumer Insights says the thumb is absolutely in charge of how people consume content. She encourages marketers to think about:

  • People consuming the content rather than the devices they use for consumption

  • The fact that people use multiple channels along the path to conversion

  • How to empathize with your consumer using content custom-made for their experience

The last point is especially relevant. Custom content is how you stand out from the competition, and present the real personality of your brand to the marketplace. It’s how you demonstrate your character so that viewers can empathize with your positioning.

You need to stand out in social and digital feeds

Here’s what we know. Facebook and Instagram content needs to be visual. It needs to be bold and intriguing enough to stand out from the competition. And it also must be custom-made to accurately represent your unique brand identity.

But what goes into creating visual content? How do you create a piece of content that you know will convert?

This is the question that marketers are asking in their attempts to reach their target audiences. Over 2 billion people actively use Facebook every month, and Instagram just announced that they have over 800 million people on their platform. The pool of potential customers is literally in the billions, but bringing those people into your brand’s orbit requires the right types of content.

One of the best ways to stand out from the clutter is by using custom content. Time Inc. conducted a study involving 17,000 people across three different demographics to determine consumer thoughts towards brands that use custom content in their marketing campaigns.

Unsurprisingly, 93% of people prefer brands that use custom content to communicate new ideas. But the most interesting statistic is that 89% of respondents said custom content is the best way for brands to break through the clutter and stand out online.

Standing out is so important for effective social and digital marketing. There’s so much content cluttering mobile news feeds that all updates eventually bleed together in the eyes of the viewing consumer. But if you have content that is truly unique, and bold enough to capture someone’s attention as they thumb-scroll through their feeds, you have a much better chance of bringing them into your brand’s world.

You need a process to create custom content at scale

Custom content is clearly the road you need to travel, but creating content that’s custom-made for your brand is a costly affair. You need to have the creative capabilities to produce custom content. That means time, budgets, resources, and enough talent to meet your brand’s needs.

For many marketers, this is a tall order to fill.

Expectations placed upon marketing teams are continuing to rise year over year. But budgets and resources available to produce content remain flat. Under traditional creative processes, this is not a scalable model to ramp up content production, let alone custom content production.

You also need to think about what goes into creating an effective visual for social media. This means more than just the ideal image size for a particular channel. You need to think about what goes into each piece of content.

  • What environment is best to feature?

  • How should products be inserted into the content?

  • Where will people be featured - if at all?

  • Which colors or tones should you use?

Each of those creative considerations should be tailored to what your audience insights tell you about the interests of your target customer. Customize each of those variables so that you speak to your ideal customer in a way that inherently resonates in their minds.

You also need to align your content with your brand’s unique visual identity. To stand out in news feeds, you need content that’s completely distinct from all other updates within those feeds. Customizing content for the style, tone, and format that’s unique to your brand’s mission ensures you stand out from the clutter. If the content is custom to you and you alone, no other content providers will take away your thunder.

Now you need a process to create all of that content at scale. That’s what we do at Shutterstock Custom so book a demo and speak to one of our representatives about how you can ramp up your visual presence on social and digital media.