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How to create Pinterest content and scale business for your brand

Social media is a powerful tool in any digital marketing strategy. Brands around the world have successfully leveraged platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat to expand their reach and engage with new customers.

One platform that is often neglected by brand marketers is Pinterest. The platform that co-founder and CEO Ben Silbermann describes as “a catalog of ideas,” Pinterest allows marketers to promote their brands by pinning visuals, Gifs, and media content to pinboards.

Some brands will even create Pinterest pages for the sole purpose of creating pinboards, which function as “virtual storefronts.” These storefronts help consumers shop for products that interest them without requiring that they visit your website or other platforms to learn more about your products for sale.

No need to worry about losing insights into your consumers. Similar to Facebook, user data collected from Pinterest storefronts can be fully integrated with tools like Salesforce to help develop an audience profile as you nurture viewers through the buying journey.

Pinterest users actively seek inspirational content

Brands use pinboards to promote their content and their products. It’s also an excellent opportunity to showcase your brand’s unique visual identity.

Consumers use pinboards to bookmark content they like and intend to return to at a later date. If the content is truly engaging, they’ll click on your promotion and purchase the product online or offline.

This level of engagement is why brands promote ads on Pinterest. The goal is to earn metrics like pins, likes, or reviews as these methods of engagement tend to increase conversion rates on Pinterest ads. The more that viewers interact with a particular piece of your content, the more likely others will follow suit and click-through rates will rise.

When your content is personalized and tailored to the interests of your target audience, the level of engagement will naturally increase. According to a case study of Pinterest ads at work for the brand Tesco, the brand analyzed their Pinterest analytics to develop a thorough understanding of their target user’s intent.

People who arrived at the Tesco website by way of Pinterest spent five times as long on the site as people who arrived organically, or through Facebook. Pinterest traffic was also 55% more likely to engage with other pages on the website over users arriving from other channels.

How popular is Pinterest content

As a very visual platform, there’s no question that Pinterest is built to support certain industries. Businesses in the field of food, travel, entertainment, and other lifestyle-oriented categories thrive by creating visual content to capture people’s attention.

According to Statista’s 2017 study, the most popular product categories on Pinterest align with people’s lifestyles. Curiously enough, there are as many categories where men are the most common pinners as women.

Most popular product categories on Pinterest.png

Unsurprisingly, men are more likely to interact with sports-related content, while health and beauty products appeal more to women. What is interesting is that categories like baby gear, home and garden, or clothing and apparel seemingly appeal to as many men as women.

Brands are using creative strategies to drive more searchers to engage with their pinboards. Pinterest has a fully built-in search feature that allows users to filter content to a particular category. Marketers that optimize their content with highly targeted keywords that are relevant to user intent have more opportunities to drive Pinterest users to their content.

There’s also the option to piggy-back off the use of group boards in order to increase the reach of your brand’s content. Many marketers use group boards to tap into a network of related users who may not yet follow the brand’s official Pinterest account.

Of course, it also helps to stay on top of the latest algorithm features and updates released by Pinterest. For example, the latest update allows marketers to archive boards and rearrange pins in a release that resembles a highlights and archives update announced by Instagram. Brands that follow along with the latest algorithmic releases can take advantage of new features designed to improve the user experience on social media.

Brands who create effective Pinterest content

At the end of the day, your job is to attract new customers and trigger genuine engagement with your content. You need to be true to your brand identity as you grow your Pinterest audience into a sizeable amount of people who you can rely on to become paying customers.

So who are the brands that make Pinterest content marketing look so easy?


Etsy’s identity is built upon handmade or vintage products and using their e-commerce platform to sell those products to consumers. They curate several pinboards showcasing various products they have for sale as it applies to a particular category.

One of the boards they created is based on weddings. The content features items like dresses, rings, settings, and other wedding-related scenarios to accumulate interest in what they have to sell.

The timing for this particular pinboard is also important. Wedding season is only a few months away, and now is the time for couples to start thinking about what they’ll need to make the big day special.

Whole Foods

Whole Foods is North America’s healthier choice when it comes to wholesale food shopping. The brand exclusively sells products without artificial preservatives, sweeteners, or unhealthy fats to ensure customers vigorously consume healthy products.

In addition to promoting food, the brand often pins content of recipes to give followers ideas for when they purchase the products. This tactic invites followers to check back on Pinterest and engage with a community of like-minded lovers of great food.

Fill your pinboard with lots of creative content

Pinterest is an effective tool to help people acquire a genuine interest in your brand. You just need to create enough content so that you can make the most of the platform.

There are solutions that help you create content at scale, and yet still align with your brand’s unique visual identity. You can curate from a collection of high-quality creative assets or use technology to create custom content that’s unique to your brand alone. Find the solution that helps build your content library and leverage Pinterest to the platform’s fullest capabilities.

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