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How digital transformation extends to content creation

Technology has transformed how companies across many different verticals conduct business. It’s truly the age of digital transformation, and the benefits of the era are reaped by everyone from the largest corporations to the littlest consumer.

In many instances, technology has significantly improved people’s every-day lives. It’s also provided new employment opportunities or means of generating income on the side.

But for marketers who work for some of the world’s most well-known organizations, technology has forever changed how to create content for the brand.

People Have Changed How They Consume Content

A common tactic in traditional marketing or advertising is to highlight the cost savings or financial benefits of a particular product or service. But there’s one resource that’s just as, if not more important to both businesses and consumers.

That’s time savings.

Technology has ramped up expectations in regards to time savings. People want products and services that provide instantaneous benefits and are respectful of their time.

One of the biggest reasons for this shift in consumer demand is mobile technology. Mobile behavior has become common throughout everyday society. Data shows that people spend up to 5 hours per day interacting with content on their mobile devices.

Social apps like Facebook, Instagram, or Snapchat allow marketers to create large quantities of content for consumers to access via their mobile devices. A quick flick of the thumb is all it takes for your audience to decide if your content is worth their time. If it doesn’t resonate, they’ll scroll on by and forget all about it.

All of this information adds up to the fact that your content must boldly stand out from the clutter in mobile news feeds. The value of your content must be explicitly clear to your target audience so that you don’t waste their time. You must both capture people’s attention and immediately convey the value of your brand if you hope to keep people’s attention.

Content Creation Must Resemble Uber or AirBnb

There are two clear examples of how technology has disrupted traditional processes with more agile and scalable solutions. Those examples are Uber and Airbnb, which have revolutionized local transportation and hospitality industries, respectively.

Think about Uber and its impact on urban commutes since debuting in 2009. With a quick press of an app, commuters can connect to drivers in their general vicinity and travel to any address of their choosing. Uber simplified the ordering process, improved the quality of travel, and saves travelers time through seamless on-demand dependability.

This became the more convenient solution to waiting on a street corner to hail a taxi. People could order a car before leaving their home or office. This eliminates time spent waiting on a street corner for a cab to arrive in the neighborhood. On top of that, Uber is typically a more affordable service to a traditional taxi, thereby adding cost savings on top of time savings.

A similar model was developed by Airbnb. Their platform encourages people to list their homes, apartments, cottages, or villas on the marketplace in order to earn income from travelers looking to rent. In turn, travelers book unique places to rent at more affordable prices than traditional hotels within an on-demand environment.

Listing your dwelling or booking a place to rent is all done in a time efficient manner, broadly appealing to millions of customers. Airbnb's CMO continues to redefine how the company markets to new consumers by using technology to improve the content, the marketing, and the product itself.

Technology Helps Marketers Create On-Demand Content

Both Uber and Airbnb are on-demand platforms that allow people to benefit from their respective services at their own leisure. This is also how people use their mobile phones to interact with content. They scroll through news feeds and choose what types of content are worth their time.

That’s why you need an agile solution to create high-quality content for on-demand consumption habits.

When people scroll through in-app news feeds, their eyes are skimming over updates shared by every person or brand they choose to follow. News feeds are filled with endless streams of content, and it’s not hard for all of those updates to blur together in the minds of people viewing those feeds.

You need to regularly position your content near the top of those news feeds to keep people aware of your brand. You also need to customize each piece of content you create so that it consistently reflects the unique identity of your brand. This will make your content stand out from every other update that appears in those feeds, and encourage viewers to further engage with your brand.

Technology is how you scale production and reduce the time required to create all of that content. It will transform your existing creative process and allow you to provide new and interesting content to keep up with the rapid pace of consumer demand.

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