FlashStock Technology Inc.

Introducing Shutterstock Custom

New name, same promise.

Over the past few years, we’ve helped transform the way brands tell their story. Today, we have a new story to tell. We’re excited to introduce Shutterstock Custom, a new name for Flashstock.

Though our name has changed, our promise and commitment remain the same — a cost-effective and agile platform that empowers brands to create custom content at scale.

What is custom content?

Content is at the core of everything a modern-day brand marketer does and custom content communicates your brand’s unique story in an engaging way.

Custom visual content reflects the branding, tone, and style of your business. Whether it’s a product shot with visible logos, a specific location or scenario a brand wants to be identified with, or particular details like lighting or angles, custom content is an effective way for brands to tell their story.

Why you should use custom content

With the increased demands that digital and social channels are putting on brand marketers, the need for custom content to build and reinforce a brand’s identity has never been higher.

Recycling or repurposing generic content won’t help brands stand out in those feeds or showcase their unique identities. Custom content that consistently depicts a brand’s identity has a much greater chance of resonating with audiences.

The value of Shutterstock Custom

Shutterstock Custom disrupts the traditional content creation process with an innovative solution that uses technology to make creating custom content easy. We work with Fortune 500 brands across many industries to ensure that they always have the custom content they need.

Our platform works by connecting brand marketers to a global network of creative talent and then facilitates a cost-effective, scalable, and agile workflow to create local, authentic, branded visual content.

By using our visual calibration process, brands can spell out their unique identity in clear terms and have confidence that brand guides and briefs are accurately communicated to the creative talent shooting their content. The platform also chooses the creative talent whose skill sets are best aligned with the guides and briefs to ensure accuracy and consistency.

More information

To learn more about how Shutterstock Custom can help your brand, check out our platform overview, our press release, or request a demo today.