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Why you need agile technology to create on-brand visual content

How agile is your social and digital content creation process?

Social and digital channels are very different from traditional content mediums. Brands that primarily advertised on TV or over the radio couldn’t reach their ideal audience unless those customers were tuned into the station.

That’s not the case for social and digital content.

Nowadays content consumption is an ongoing thing. Social media is often characterized as real-time communication from friends to other friends, and between brands and consumers. People are always checking social media because they always have access to the channels.

Mobile Access Influences Content Consumption

It’s a bit of a cliche but mobile really has changed how we as a society consume content. Mobile is a constant companion for many people with 73% of millennials admitting their phone is always within reach.

If someone’s phone is always within reach, that user can instantly access content at any given time of the day. The majority of millennial consumers admit to checking their phones up to 150 times per day, which opens the door to millions, if not billions of moments for digital marketers to connect with their ideal consumer.

Mobile apps are used more frequently than mobile web browsers. According to Smart Insights, over 90% of mobile moments are spent within a handful of apps. People connect to content that appears in their app news feeds, especially the larger social channels like Facebook, Instagram, or Snapchat.

Entering those apps is a simple matter of pressing a button on the screen. It’s literally that simple for someone to view your content in their news feed. But that also means it’s just as easy for a user to view anyone else’s content.

You Can’t Make a Connection with Inauthentic Content

People want reasons to connect with the brands that market to them. They want to see the value in forging a relationship with you. They want to know by forming that relationship that they’re connecting to a trusted, credible provider of products or services.

Essentially they want to trust your brand before becoming a paying customer. Your content is how you build that trust.

But you can’t build a reputation off inauthentic or irrelevant content. This is especially true of visual content. Studies show that the brain processes visuals up to 60,000 times faster than text-only content. That means the mind is working overtime to judge if your brand’s visual content is authentic enough to be worth any time.

Source:  TNW

Source: TNW

90% Of People Prefer Brands With Custom Content

Time Inc. surveyed 17,000 people to gauge their perceptions towards custom content, and the brands that create it. The results found that 90% of people prefer if brands use custom content to connect or engage with them.

The numbers shouldn’t be that surprising.

Remember that mobile news feeds are how many people interact with content. Those feeds are cluttered with updates shared by thousands of brands and every individual friend or family member connected to your target audience. There’s very little real estate in those feeds, and you need to make your content stand out to make people want to interact with your brand.

This is a reality that digital marketers have come to accept, and even consumers agree diversity in visual content is important. In fact, 89% of the Time Inc. participants encourage brands to create content that’s custom to their identities and break through the clutter in crowded news feeds.

You Need to Create Lots of Custom Content

The old marketing philosophy is that a person needed to see your ad 7 times to become a paying customer. Salesforce suggests it takes up to 8 touch points just for someone become a viable sales lead.

The fact is that customer journeys are long processes. They can span weeks or months, and spread across multiple channels throughout that time. To help move people through the journey, you need content that speaks to them on every platform throughout the journey.

You also need to create content that uniquely identifies your brand across every stage of the journey. Custom visuals consistently on-brand help people recognize when you’re trying to engage with them as they move throughout the journey.

Establish clear and concise visual guidelines so that all of your content accurately and consistently represents your brand. The members of your creative team must understand how to create content specifically for your unique brand guidelines.

Once you have a process to translate your brand guidelines into technical requirements to shoot content, you can make the process more agile and scalable.

Become More Agile with Technology

Suppose you have creative talent shooting content from a satellite office or via freelance in another part of the world. Can you guarantee they’ll always shoot visuals that consistently align to your brand identity?

You need a process that structures your brand guidelines in clear and concise terms. You need to create enough content to connect with prospective customers as they move through each stage of the journey. And you need to brief every member of your creative talent on what classifies as on-brand content, regardless of geographic location.

That’s why you need technology.

Technology allows you to build structured, repeatable, and most important scalable briefing templates. You can describe your visual brand guidelines in a centralized content creation solution where everyone on your creative team has access.

Anyone in the world with a valid internet connection and permission for your account can access your guidelines. If you choose to expand your existing team with creative talent elsewhere in the world, technology is an easy and seamless way to brief that talent. They can easily access your brand guidelines and learn how to shoot high-quality content that consistently aligns to your brand identity.

This is a repeatable and scalable process. You can streamline your workflow by adding to your existing pool of talent and create more content at faster rates. This means you can meet deadlines and add more seasonal or promotional campaigns into your overall marketing plan without worrying about the content required for those plans.

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