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New Ad Features: Pinterest

Pinterest is a unique social network in both its demographics and available ad products: the user base is more mature than other social platforms, and the purchase intention of users is higher than most social networks. Pinterest is a space where users flock to explore and save ideas, be it a new hobby, recipe, or outfit. This is what makes Pinterest such fertile ground for some verticals: Pinterest users are often actively searching for something rather than passively perusing a social feed and brands can target ads based on key words users search, all of which place Pinterest users further down the marketing funnel.

Pinterest has performed a number of updates to reinforce their position in terms of social commerce. Take a look at some the features below to see if Pinterest could be a viable option for your brand.

**Key trends of recent updates:**
* Making ads buying easier via open API
* Linking features to purchase more directly
* Enhanced visual features (bigger, more interactive)

**Pinterest Ads Manager for Small & Medium Businesses**
**Launch:** March '16
**Key features:**  all businesses now have access to Pinterest Ads Manager interface


  • Lets businesses and marketers track promoted pins and campaigns
  • Includes features like bulk editor, analytics & interest tracking
  • Puts full suite of analytics tools in the hands of all marketers

**Visual Search Tool**
**Launch**: Nov. '15
**Key features:** allows users to search similar items featured in images

  • Allows users to select individual products and search for similar items in a separate window 
  • App intuitively isolates items and portions of an image and curates a search for selected item 
  • Users can now easily identify components of any image

**Buyable Pins**
**Launch**: June '15
**Key features**: CTA button accompanying a post allows users to buy items in-app

  • Users able to buy pinned items directly from app
  • Accompanied by new “Shop” category where users can browse items available for purchase
  • Released as part of partnership with Bigcommerce, IBM Websphere and Magento
  • Capitalizes on high purchase intention of users

**Price Drop Tracker **
**Launch:** Dec. '15
**Key features:** notifies interested users when an item drops in price

  • Tool monitors listed price for pins a user has saved
  • App sends push or email notification when price drops

**Cinematic Pins**
**Launch: **May '15
**Key features:** incorporates motion format content into brand's boards

  • Incorporates animated GIFs into interface to help content stand out
  • Early adopters include Unilever, The Gap, L'Oreal, Nestlé, Walgreens, Target, Visa, and Wendy’s
  • **Bigger & Taller Pins**

**Launch**: Dec. '15
**Key features**: expands pins from a max of 237px to 600px wide

  • Larger images = 8x higher CTR 
  • Users can build taller pins in app’s widget builder 
  • Big pins can also be embedded into external sites

With competitors like Facebook ramping up their app's shopping capabilities, Pinterest is pushed to continue to focus its ad products around commerce.

Over the last few weeks, we've covered the major platforms' recent updates in our blog series. While the updates and channels are quite different, the common element between all of them is that every platform has heavily invested in visual features as a way to capture eyeballs in an oversaturated digital landscape. 

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