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Visual Storytelling Spotlight: Mercedes Benz

Brands who understand the fundamental differences between social platforms often see the highest engagement rates; social users are savvier than ever and have specific expectations for different networks. In case you missed it, check out our recent blog on content DNA by platform to understand how visual storytelling differs across social media networks here. We keep an eye on the brands who nailed visual storytelling across social platforms. In this post, we're profiling Mercedes-Benz, purveyor of high-end vehicles and social media heavyweight. 

The luxury auto company makes good use of every platform to tell its brand story, and has nearly 30 million followers across platforms. 

So without further ado, let's see how Mercedes leverages each platform in their storytelling:

Facebook: 20 million followers
Best practices: 360 degree video, live video, brand's story told via FB Timeline

**Twitter: **1.55 million followers
**Best practices:** Cross-platform storytelling, live updates

**Instagram: **4.8 million followers
**Best practices:** geo-tagged & aspirational images, natural product integration

**Pinterest**: 25.9k followers
**Best practices:** themed collections of lifestyle imagery beyond just cars

Best practices:** platform-exclusive live event/product launch coverage

As evidenced above, Mercedes' visual content is native to each platform yet conveys the consistent positioning. It really makes full use of every platform to tell a well crafted brand story; modern marketers operate like publishers, managing content across various channels with a clear content DNA and audience preference in mind. It's not an easy task, but that's what makes the job fun and rewarding, isn't it?