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The 2 key benefits of taking digital marketing local with technology

Brands large and small have reputations among audiences all around the world, thanks in large part to social media. A loyal group of social followers expands the reach and visibility of your brand to the followers of your followers, located in all corners of the world.

Effective digital marketers establish consistent brand tones and identities to diversify their own content in cluttered markets. One of the pivotal concerns of a digital marketer, as it applies to content and content creation, is having an efficient process to scale content production. But part of that process means scaling at a localized level.

Technology allows digital marketers to acquire localized content, and position their global brands into very niche markets. Content as a service (CaaS) platforms help digital marketing teams streamline the creative process, reduce localized acquisition costs, and create content that connects with customers in very niche settings.

Let’s look into some common challenges encountered by digital marketers and solutions provided by technology.

1. Consumers Are More Likely to Trust Local Brands

Today’s consumer makes no secret that the cookie cutter approach of sales and marketing no longer resonates with their mentalities or lifestyles. Due to the prevalent rise of highly targeted content fed into social news feeds, people are responding to brands with content and experiences that appeal to their individual needs.

These are significant challenges for today’s digital marketers. Creating custom localized experiences builds trust and credibility between brands and end consumers. But earning those reputations requires a lot of time and a lot of content. Most importantly, it requires your brand to become ingrained in local communities and local dialogue.

Problem: Global Brands Lack Local Presences

A study conducted by Nielsen indicates that 75% of global consumers consider a brand’s country of origin to be one of the top ten factors that influence their purchasing decisions. Patrick Dodd, Group President of Nielsen Growth Markets, says the data is a reminder that location is invaluable to brand success.

One of the more surprising findings from the survey is that country of origin is as important as—or even more important than—other purchasing criteria such as price and quality.
— Patrick Dodd, Group President, Nielsen Growth Markets

People buy local…

  • Fresh foods and beverages

  • Consumer packaged goods

  • Ice cream, cookies, and crackers

  • Breakfast cereals

People buy global…

  • Diapers and baby care products

  • Personal care (toothpaste, razors, lotions, soaps)

  • Beauty products

If you’re a digital marketer, especially one representing a food or beverage brand, you should definitely pay attention to Nielsen’s research. Consumer preference for localized products will significantly impact your marketing campaigns. Without content to integrate your brand into a localized market, expect a struggle to establish connections within that community.

Solution: Subscribe to a Platform That Localizes Your Brand

The world is becoming increasingly visual. In fact, content that’s visual or video is 40x more likely to be shared on social media.

Source:  CrazyEgg

Source: CrazyEgg

You can bring your brand a little closer to home for the people you’re trying to reach with high-quality localized content. Insert your brand into local conversations using visual - or video - content that’s highly targeted to the values of your target audience living within those communities. People will recognize the settings, locales, or landmarks within your content. They’ll subconsciously form a connection to your content and, by extension, your brand.

Emotional connections are one of the reasons people become loyal to a brand.

Visual or video content is processed at an incredible rate compared to text or non-visualized content. Provided the content is of high quality and aligned with their local interests or needs, they form strong emotional bonds to the brands that present those pieces of content.

Subscribe to a platform that helps you acquire localized assets at scale.

You need to increase your brand’s visibility in those targeted locales so that you can build the connections that will transform people into your customers. But you need enough content to position your brand into those communities. People need to see your logo, your style, your name, and your tone in numerous ways and across multiple settings to begin registering your brand as a member of their community.

Technology is the best way to create more content without sacrificing quality. And the right platform will connect you to the right people who can create local, high-value content!

2. Reduce the Cost of Creating Local Content

Seeing as the cookie-cutter approach to marketing is no longer an effective technique, the types of content you create need to be custom-made for different audiences in different markets.

But a custom approach to content creation means incorporating the costs of localization into your campaigns. You need to create content without stretching your budget too thin.

Problem: Travel Costs for Local Content are Too Expensive

The fact of the matter is that marketing budgets are very strict. There’s very little wiggle room to accommodate expensive content creation costs. According to the Content Marketing Benchmarks, Budgets, and Trends report, less than half of organizations are increasing the size of their budgets devoted to content.

How much money do you realistically have in your budget to travel around the world to create content?

Consider that those travel costs include money for flights, accommodations, daily expenses, and so on. If you have to send more than one member of your team, you need to multiply those travel costs by the number of people en route to that destination.

It’s costly, time-consuming, cumbersome, and not scalable.

Solution: CaaS Technology Connects You To Local Experts

Simply put, localized content matters for digital marketing to be a success.

Remember the old saying location, location, location? This is a mantra that marketers in the grocery, retail, or real estate industries once made central to strategic business decisions.

Well, location, location, location is equally important to create localized content of high value. Localized content proves to your audience that you’re connected to their community; that you’re willing to associate yourself with local landmarks, engage in conversations that matter to the community, and build relationships with people who will become your customers.

This is a strategy that builds trust between global brands and local consumers says internationally-acclaimed keynote speaker Andrew Davis.

Content builds relationships. Relationships are built on trust. Trust drives revenue.
— Andrew Davis, Keynote Speaker

Rather than add unnecessary travel costs into your marketing budget, subscribe to a content creation platform. You can align your brand identity with local experts whose creative credentials match the types of content you want to create.

This is a far more cost-efficient strategy, especially if you need to create content in a variety of markets. Think about how much you’ll need to spend on travel. Are those costs really worth the hit to your budget?

The best part of employing technology in lieu of expensive travel is that the experts you partner with are on the ground within the community. They know the area and can pinpoint the landmarks that will distinguish your content from any other. That on-the-ground information will help you create content with background settings, monuments, or neighborhoods that your target audience recognizes as part of their own communities. Those visuals will begin the process of building those invaluable emotional connections.

You’ll benefit from having local knowledge on your side to create the types of localized content that make the most impact. Don’t pass that opportunity up!


Creating localized content at scale is one of many challenges for digital marketers, but technology can alleviate many of those concerns. Download our eBook on “15 Visual Content Operations Challenges Enterprises Face Every Day” for insight into factors increasing your content costs, and how technology can solve those operational headaches.