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What is the financial cost of inconsistent visual content

Digital marketers form connections with people by creating content to tell interesting stories. The content that your brand creates is typically how new customers experience your brand identity, your products, and the value that you can provide.

Bringing people into your brand’s orbit is the first step of the consumer journey. You need to keep those same people circulating your corner of the world so that they develop a need for your products.

Content incentivizes people to visit and revisit your brand’s website or social community. But consistent content sticks in the mind of your target audience and helps people recall your brand’s unique identity and positioning.

When people remember your brand, they come to trust your brand. If people trust your brand, they’re more likely to give business to your brand.

Consistent content attracts and retains an audience

Content that portrays a unique visual identity stands out from the clutter. This is particularly helpful on mobile devices, which is where the average consumer spends up to 5 hours of his or her day. Mobile screens are limited in size and scale, forcing marketers to compete for attention spans in the very little real estate on these devices.

If your content is unique, it stands out from all other updates in crowded mobile news feeds. But if the content is consistent, people are far more likely to recognize your content, and your brand from all others that appear in the feeds.

One of the more famous statements about the power of consistency is from none other than The Boss, Bruce Springsteen. The face of the E-Street Band describes how consistency upsets the challenges involved in attracting and retaining an audience.

Getting an audience is hard. Sustaining an audience is hard. It demands a consistency of thought, of purpose, and of action over a long period of time.
— Bruce Springsteen

Content that has a consistent style, a consistent purpose; a consistent look and feel is a reflection of your unique brand visual identity. A steady series of guidelines for your various creative nuances ensures all content accurately represents your brand identity.

The creative variables that initially attract your audience will bring people back into your brand’s atmosphere, and inspire them to consider purchasing your products.

Inconsistent content costs the trust of your audience

You may not think much about it, but inconsistent content can cost brands the trust of their most important customers.

The author, Melissa Kelly, describes why a brand’s online presence and marketing collateral must be in sync to provide a successful customer experience. That means all of the content produced by your brand’s marketing team should match the style, formatting, color, and tone of the collateral hosted on your website.

Remember that your website, and your social media pages, are typically the first touchpoints for consumers to connect with your brand. The visual identity represented on those channels sets the stage for what viewers can expect as they engage and re-engage with your brand.

If there’s a disconnect between the look and feel of the content at the beginning of the buying journey, compared to the later stages of the journey, people could assume that your content - and therefore, your brand and your products - are not up to the highest standards.

What happens when you feel that something is not up to par? You lose trust and faith that anything will improve. It’s no different for your customers when they feel your brand fails to meet their standards. They’ll give up on you and move onto someone else.

Consistent identities increase brand value by 20%

All of the reasons outlined describe why consistent visual identity is so important to empowering your brand and expanding your business. People recognize and remember brands through consistent content. Brand recognition leads to intrigue and, eventually, consumption.

This is one of the reasons why brands with consistent content generate new business. According to Beyond the Brand, brands that create consistent content are worth up to 20% more than brands with inconsistent identities.

Content has the power to influence consumer behavior when its used appropriately by brands. Consistent content demonstrates to consumers that your brand has a style and a position that will remain true throughout the test of time.

By demonstrating your commitment to a positive consumer experience, you build your brand’s reputation as a trusted and credible resource for your audience.

Fragmented content diminishes revenue by 11%

One of the benefits of consistent content is that your brand tells a cohesive story throughout the entire consumer journey. You can guide people through the buying experience with high-level thought leadership insights; down to practical tips and recommendations until, finally, they’re ready to purchase your products or solutions.

But when content is inconsistent or fragmented, people feel the journey goes astray or that your content is not relevant to their specific needs. As expected, this disrupts the buying journey and can leave lost revenue on the table.

According to a study jointly conducted by MarcomCentral and Demand Metric, 11% of lost or reduced revenue is a consequence of inconsistent or fragmented content.

That’s not the only alarming number. In another part of the survey, 85% of brands with fragmented content said their ability to meet consumer needs throughout the buying journey ranged from “very poor” to “neutral,” at best.

On the flip side, 60% of brands with consistent content say their material meets buyer needs “well” or “very well.”

These numbers reinforce what marketers have come to recognize. The value of consistent content cannot be understated, while the cost of inconsistent content leads to diminished revenues, unsatisfied customers, and an overall decline in brand authenticity.

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