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Why custom creative assets help form strong connections with audiences

Content builds your brand’s reputation as a thought leader in the industry. You’ll both educate and entertain your consumers, capturing their attention and maintaining their interest across the entire duration of the buyer’s journey.

Used appropriately, content naturally moves consumers along the path of the buyer’s journey. The underlying goal of each piece of content is to move people closer to the point of purchase or subscription. The path to purchase is a long and often convoluted process, requiring lots of content to nurture people through that journey.

But creating content for the simple sake of promoting something is a futile effort to achieve your goals. You need to understand what resonates with your target personas to create authentic and highly targeted creative assets that resonate with those people.

Content is a critical part of a brand’s digital transformation. Taking the time to calibrate a unique brand visual identity helps you customize your content, and present a consistent look and feel across the entire digital landscape.

It’s all about shared values

Neil Patel, one of the world’s leading voices on content marketing, has a great article about the importance of a content strategy. He has a great way to describe how marketers should approach their plans for any piece of content.

Every strategy starts by taking into account whom you want to create content for. Because it’s not about what you think is helpful. It’s about what they’re looking for.
— Neil Patel

One interpretation of this philosophy is the importance of shared values. Where is the intersection between your brand’s core values and the values that matter to your audience?

It’s no secret that millennials have become the dominant generation in the workforce. Despite working for companies large and small, millennials often bring their own personal values to their jobs, interpreting content, and the ads promoting it, through the prism of those values.

This means key decision makers within an organization will decide whether to give their business to your brand, in part, based on the values your organization personifies. Some of the values that matter most to millennials are:

  • Environmentally friendly policies

  • Corporate social responsibility

  • Publicized corporate citizenship

Strategic consultant Ryan Rudominer, in an article on the Huffington Post, cites examples of values and causes that influence millennial opinions of corporations.

What matters to millennials.png

When creating content, think about what the interpretation of your brand will be from the people who view that content. What do the creative assets say about your brand’s core values? How should people who view the content relate to those values?

Communicating through content is all about connecting with the people in the company you’re trying to engage. At the end of the day, you’re conducting business with people, not businesses.

Make your personality part of your brand visual identity  

It goes without saying, but your brand is one of the most valuable tools in your arsenal. Your values and positioning should embody your visual identity to fully empower your brand.

When you calibrate a custom brand visual identity, you build a roadmap for how to create content that’s completely unique to your brand, and your brand alone.

The average consumer places a lot of value on a brand that’s authentic and recognizable. According to Statista, people are influenced to buy products from several categories based on the credibility of the brand.

The value of brand identities.jpg

The fact that 63% of people pay particular attention to smartphone brands comes as no surprise. The industry is dominated by giants like Apple and Samsung, which are both among the most recognizable brands in the world.

But what about industries with more diverse competition? Suppose your brand lives in the financial services industry, and you want to differentiate yourself from any of the other providers available to consumers.

What types of content are you using to make your brand stand out from the competition? How should people feel about your brand when they see your content? What is the motivation for people to consider giving their business to your brand?

We have a great article on how top financial services firms use custom content to form strong connections with their target audiences.

Tell a compelling story using your content

In the end, the best way to connect your brand’s values with your audience’s values is to tell an interesting story with your content. Just as people are willing to give their business to people/brands they really like, everyone loves to hear a really compelling story.

Make your brand’s story unique with a custom brand visual identity, and use your creative assets to show consumers what they can expect from your brand. Think about the colors, the lighting, the depth, and other creative nuances that best visualize the shared values that align your brand with your consumers. Walk people through your narrative and motivate them to give you their business.

Are you ready to create content that represents your shared core values? That’s what we help you do at Shutterstock Custom. Book a demo and speak to one of our representatives about how you can create custom content at scale that forms valuable connections with your target audience.