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Why you need custom videos to improve digital content consumption

Video content is the rage for marketers eager to promote their brands. Videos are dynamic pieces of content that allow brands and consumers to engage in meaningful interactions.

Videos are easier for people to consume and easier to remember. Studies on consumer responses to video show that people remember 20% of what they hear and 30% of what they see. But they’ll remember up to 70% of what they both see and hear. Videos are the perfect type of content to assist with content or brand recall.

However, promoting generic videos on your social channels won’t generate the engagement you need to achieve your marketing objectives. People want to be dazzled when they consume video content. If they see the same recycled video used by many different brands, your brand won’t stand out and resonate within their minds.

Custom video content has a greater effect on your target audience because you present your unique brand identity in an entertaining format.

Unique videos give people a clear understanding of who you are, what you do, and the value you can provide to improve their lives. If you ramp up production of custom-made videos, you can improve consumption rates of your content, and improve engagement rates with your brand.

People expect you to promote custom video content

Custom videos help your brand stand apart from all other content promoted by your brand. There are many reasons for your team to invest time and resources towards custom video content creation.

A survey conducted by Time Inc. determined that 93% of people prefer brands to share interesting thoughts or ideas using custom-made content. Additionally, two out of three participants admitted they trust custom over generic content.

Trust is invaluable for digital marketers. If people trust your brand as a provider of valuable information, they’ll begin to look to you as the thought leader on the subject.

The data from the Time Inc. study supports that sentiment. According to the numbers, 92% of people believe brands become experts on particular topics and add value to the content they choose to consume.

When it comes to video content, you can demonstrate your expertise on a particular topic by creating something that’s completely unique to your brand. You can show people the benefits of your products or the results of your services in a way that’s fresh and authentic. This goes a long way towards building long-term relationships between your brand and your customers.

Custom videos inspire people to share the content

In addition to establishing credibility as a thought leader, custom content inspires followers to share your brand’s updates.

Sharing of video content is crucial to increase engagement rates to reasonable levels. According to Facebook, 48% of video watch time on social media is a result of people sharing the content with their friends or followers.

Marketers are often concerned with boosting brand reach, visibility, and engagement. Content created and shared by followers of your brand is how to organically attract new viewers to your product or service offerings. Facebook’s own data indicates that custom content is best suited to improve those metrics.

One of the main reasons custom videos inspire social activity is that they stand out from all other content circulating social media. Think about how much content you see whenever you enter Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, or any other social platform.

After spending a few moments scrolling through all of that content, how much of it can you honestly pick out and remember?

Videos that are bold and unique to your brand will break through those crowded news feeds. Content that breaks through the clutter will retain people’s attention and improve their ability to recognize your brand. Facebook conducted research in collaboration with Nielsen to determine that the cumulative impact of bold videos is a 65% lift in brand awareness within the first 10 seconds that the video is viewed.

As your content attracts new viewers, you naturally extend the reach of your content and the visibility of your brand. Your direct followers who engage with the content attract new people into your brand’s orbit. The subsequent result is an increased potential for additional engagement with your brand.

Custom videos keep your brand top of mind in social feeds

Content that funnels into social news feeds is influenced by someone’s personal social network. According to Forbes, Facebook, for example, has candidate selection principles around the types of content that feature in an individual’s social feed. That means the content that appears in your personal feed must be liked or shared by someone in your circle of friends or followers.

There’s also what Facebook classifies as a time window that content can appear in the feed. If the time window expires, the content will no longer feature at or near the top of the social feed.

To work around Facebook’s time window and continuously earn fresh shares, you need to promote new content with frequency and consistency.

But promoting any generic or recycled content won’t do the job. People want to consume fresh and authentic content. Everything you produce must be custom-made to your unique brand identity, and intriguing enough to capture people’s attention.

You need a process to create custom video content at scale

Now the question becomes - how do you actually create enough authentic content to remain near the top of those feeds?

The old ways of creating content are not built for modern consumer demand. Traditional creative processes in marketing departments were built for large-scale pieces of content like TV ads. But those processes are lengthy and expensive, which makes scalability a tough hill to climb.

You need a more agile creative solution to accelerate production without overstretching your creative capabilities.

This is particularly important for video content creation. Social media is such a fast-paced organism that a new trend can go viral without warning. If your creative process is too slow to jump on the viral trend, you’ll fall behind and potentially lose the interest of your customers.

Thankfully, technology has introduced new creative solutions to the marketplace. You can use content creation platforms to connect with a global network of creative talent who can help you acquire the assets you need to create custom video content at scale.

Use the technology to centralize your brand identity in the form of a visual calibration. You can share your creative identity in the form of specialized briefs, which allow the global network to understand how to create content that’s unique to your brand identity. This ensures all content is aligned to a series of clear visual guidelines to best resonate with your viewing audience.

Custom videos designed for mobile and social news feeds increase your brand visibility and the amount of consumers who could become your customers. Join our “How to create amazing custom videos to engage your audience” on Thursday, October 19 to learn more about the value of video content, and how to put custom video content to use for your brand.