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Why you need audience insights to create engaging custom content

An enjoyable consumer experience is what every marketer strives to provide their customers. An experience that’s memorable, that’s enjoyable, is what resonates with people. They’ll take pleasant memories away from their experience with your brand, and keep an eye out for any new updates you share.

They may also be inspired to click through and interact with your latest releases. If the cards are played out very well, you may even get some new paying customers.

Consumer experiences can be powerful moments. But it takes the right types of content to make those experiences into memorable moments.

Content is how brands and consumers connect. As a marketer, content is how you show your audience the identity of your brand. You can make the content fun, bright, and entertaining to show your customers that you have personality. This helps your followers connect with your content and your brand on a very human level.

But content in and of itself won’t automatically personalize your brand. You need insight into your target audience and their values so you can create content that matters to them.

Analyze data and learn what inspires shares and engagement

Engagement metrics may be difficult to quantify from a pure business perspective. But they give marketers insight into the behavior of their ideal customer.

Most importantly, engagement metrics give you a sense of what types of content best resonate with your target audience. This will help you create more content with impact.

Many brands utilize audience engagement to expand their reach and visibility. According to Facebook, 48% of video watch time on the world’s largest social network is a result of people sharing content when they view it.

People trust the recommendations of their friends and are willing to engage with content that’s shared by their friends. There’s so much content that appears in social news feeds that no one person will take the time to interact with each individual update.

Thumb-scrolling behavior dictates how people stop and interact with content that appears in their news feeds. They’re looking for familiar names, concepts, colors, and tones as they rapidly scroll through their feed. If a friend’s name suddenly appears on-screen, attached to an interesting piece of content, the person viewing the content is far more likely to stop and consider engaging with it.

Your job as a marketer is to create the types of content that inspire your existing network of followers to share with their own circles of friends. This strategy extends your brand’s reach and visibility, which should bring new consumers into your brand’s orbit.

Use data to develop insights into your audience

Earning shares from your existing network of followers first involves capturing their attention with your content. That means creating content, first and foremost, that’s relevant to their interests.

Facebook’s own data indicates that only 10% of your existing network of followers is likely to click on or share display ads published by your marketing team.

All things considered, that’s a very limited network of people willing to share your brand’s content. You need to inspire as many of those people to engage with your content so you can bring new potential customers into your world.

To understand how your core audience thinks and feels about content, you first need to leverage insights into your existing network. This is where data on the habits and interests of your followers comes into play. At a high level, you’ll want to understand:

  • The demographics of your network - i.e, are they millennials, teens, young adults, etc.?

  • Visual differentiators - what visual cues, colors, or tones earn the most engagement?

  • Trending hashtags - which hashtags do they include within content they share?

  • Recurring topical themes - do their current shares have common ideas that are relevant?

Once you’ve analyzed these creative characteristics, you can compile this data into personas that describe your network of followers. These personas will be your guideline to developing creative content that best aligns with their interests to maximize your potential for engagement with your content.

Custom content resonates your consumers

Once you personify your audience engagement data, you can correlate your insights with your own brand positioning. Aligning these two sides of the coin will help you create custom on-brand content that best attracts the interests of your core network of consumers.

This is exactly what today’s consumer expects from marketers. A study by Time Inc. involving 17,000 participants determined that custom content is essential for brands to successfully engage with their followers. According to the numbers, 93% of consumers prefer brands to tell interesting stories through custom content.

What’s even more appealing to marketers is the fact that 92% of participants come to see brands that capture their attention as thought leaders in a particular industry.

Think about the unsaid implications of that position. If you create content that inspires people to engage with your brand, you can establish your brand as the top-of-mind leader in the industry. People will come to see your brand as a trusted provider of content, which could translate into seeing your products as the best in the industry.

In the end, boosting engagement with your audience can go a long way towards improving conversions and boosting your base of paying customers.

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