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Sample Brief Template - Environments


Brand is looking for a variety of versatile imagery taken in high-income neighborhoods and homes. Images should either focus on shots of nice neighborhoods, streets, or exterior details of nice houses OR Interior detail shots of high value homes.

All places should be ambiguous in terms of location so images can be used to represent a variety of different cities and states.

People in Imagery

The focus should be on the space. It’s okay to include a human element, but do not show full figures or faces.

Product in Imagery

No specific product is required in images


Please ensure that all places in images appear ambiguous. Do not focus on any iconic/overtly recognizable sights. When selecting an environment make sure it is aesthetically pleasing and there are no obstructions present.

  • Variety of city, suburban and rural places
  • Versatile looking residential neighborhoods from various cities and towns
  • Residential neighborhoods should appear higher-end
  • Interior and Exterior shots of modern/suburban homes.
  • Feature unique aspects of houses: nice decks, backyards, infinity pools, gardens, interesting doors and architectural details, fireplaces, etc.

General Photography Guidelines

  • Mix of angles: top-down, eye level, top-up, aerial
  • Natural light
  • High resolution jpegs
  • Full color; no artistic filters or black and white
  • DSLR and post-processing is encouraged

Things to Avoid

  • Imagery should not include anything disparaging or offensive
  • No tattoos or body piercings
  • Do not include images that suggest dangerous or careless activities
  • No tobacco
  • No brands or logos
  • No copyrighted or trademarked locations or objects

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