FlashStock Technology Inc.

Sample Brief Template - Lifestyle

The Task

Brand story for this scenario. The Who, What, Where, Why and How.

People in Imagery

[check required criteria]

  • Age category: 25-30 would do 25-35 as people will usually skew younger, 30-40, 40-50, 55-65 (mature), 65+(senior)*
  • Indicate number of people: 1-2, 3-4, 5-10, 10+*
  • Skew toward more male or female?
  • Wardrobe: casual, business casual, business, seasonal, high-fashion*
  • Are tattoos and piercings permissible?

    *Indicates increased complexity and will require additional brief allocation

Shot List

[Details for each required set-up.]

*More than 4 scenarios will require additional brief allocation; e.g.:

  • Couple 25-30 using wireless device indoors-are these examples?
  • Two friends age 25-30 being active (cycling, jogging, yoga)

Product in Shot:

How should it be integrated?

Product guidelines: what product is being featured, any other things we need to know? Glassware, in packaging/out of packaging, etc.

Technical Photography Guidelines:

  • High resolution JPEGs -3000px on the longest side
  • Landscape/horizontal images -- croppable to square
  • Colour images only -- preferred no artistic filters or black and white
  • Please ensure photos are not blurry or out of focus unless it is an artistic choice with depth of field
  • Natural lighting (blown out skies), backlit, dramatic
  • Indoors: Natural window light or bounced flash. Natural compositions with movement & expression
  • Avoid awkward crops, and crops at limbs/joints
  • Limit wide angle shots unless it fits the scenario

Things to Avoid:

  • Other products or logos 

  • Phones other than those sent to you

  • Network logos unless it's Tech Co
  • Prominent logos on clothing, background, or devices
  • Alcohol bottles/cans
  • Tobacco or drugs