FlashStock Technology Inc.

Sample Brief Template - Product

Sample Images

[insert mood board]


The Task

Brand story for this scenario. The Who, What, Where, Why and How.

Product Logistics

[check required criteria]

  • Products will be shipped to photographers
  • Photographers should keep product for future shoots
  • Do not use product outside of photo assignments
  • Please only shoot product/themes you have been assigned
  • Extra set of product will be shipped to FlashStock headquarters

Product in Imagery

  • Product should always be in pristine condition
  • Label must always be fully visible and legible
  • Product must be taken out of box

People Required in Images

  • No
  • Yes – Hands/ feet
  • Yes – one person full-length and faces *
  • Yes – more than one person required *

*Requires additional brief allocation

Shot List

[Details for each required set-up]

  • Hinting at home environments INDOOR (whole rooms not required) – modern, clean locations within home (such as beside the sink, on a marble counter top
  • Hinting at home environments OUTDOOR (beside a pool, on a patio table, near a garden)
  • Hinting at business environments (bar, retail, industrial, scientific)
  • On-the-go propping, such as passports, contents of a purse or wallet
  • Laydowns/ knolling

*More than 2 scenarios/locations may require additional brief allocation

Technical Photography Guidelines

  • High res JPEGs
  • Portrait or landscape-croppable to square
  • Glowy, natural light-no harsh flash
  • Full-colour only-no artistic filters
  • Colours should be mostly pastel tones, or colours found on product packages

Things to Avoid

  • Other brands logo
  • Anything offensive
  • Cluttered imagery
  • Faces
  • Dark images