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Sample Brief Template - Simple Creative

The Task

X, an online company, is looking for inspiring imagery for its social media campaign.

Imagery for this assignment needs to be beautiful, and inspirational as they will be used in ads that are targeted towards people who aspire to start an online business. The images can be of any inspiring theme and subject matter (see below for some suggestions), as long as they are impactful and inspire emotion.


No product required for this assignment

People in Imagery

● People are not required
● If you choose to show people, please ensure they are over 21, and have signed a model release if recognizable

Suggested Scenarios

Here are some themes and ideas to get you started, we encourage you to get creative with your shots
● Travelling: Journeys, roads, paths, etc
● Metaphors: Open windows and doors, adventures, shoes
● Nature: Sunrise, rock/mountain climbing, epic landscapes, growth
● Urban: Aspirational cityscapes and settings, growth, transformation


Can be any environment, as long as it inspires the viewer

● Indoor- as long as it’s inspirational
● Outdoor- as long as it’s inspirational

Photography Guidelines

● High res JPEG
● Full colour, no black and white or artistic filters
● Horizontal/landscape Only

Things To Avoid

● No logos or other products
● No borders on images
● No tobacco or alcohol
● Overly staged images