FlashStock Technology Inc.
Case Studies

Showcasing customer stories with full production video

To celebrate 45 years of serving customers around the world NAD electronics set out to capture customers stories of their first NAD purchase. Using the full production video add on - NAD was able to save on the time, cost, and logistics of organizing high quality video shoots around the world. They also benefitted from the creative expertise of the Shutterstock Custom team.

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Launching a content presence on Pinterest

White Claw® Hard Seltzer was looking to establish themselves on Pinterest with content that engages their target audience and followed best practices. To get started they planned to drive awareness of their low carb, 100 calorie beverage. Shutterstock Custom helped them create quality branded creative that highlighted food and recipe pairings for their product.

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Localized execution

Shutterstock Custom helped Johnny Rockets reduce the amount of time required to create high quality visual content at a localized level. Their global marketing team is responsible for providing content to franchisees, and extending the capabilities of their team with a solution like Shutterstock Custom helped them execute at scale.

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Toasty vibes

Quiznos wanted to find a solution that would give a large quantity of high quality photos at a reasonable price. On top of that, Quiznos has locations all across North America, so there needed to be a more efficient way of doing localized shoots.

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Tailored content

Shutterstock Custom is one of Chipotle’s only partners for content that is shot outdoors. Our cost-efficient method for creating content has simplified tasks - such as shooting outside - which can be logistically complex and expensive to execute effectively.

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Cost savings

FlipBelt needed a solution that would eliminate the majority of their time spent on the planning and execution of content creation, and would provide enough quality custom images for his Facebook ad campaigns.

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The ideal solution

McDonald's needed the ability to scale imagery and videos at a reasonable price. Shutterstock Custom helped place them in the top quadrant of similar companies in an experiment conducted with multiple creative vendors.

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Global network

Shutterstock Custom used its global network to orchestrate custom content creation with photographers and videographers. Having worked on various creative Instagram projects, Shutterstock Custom was the ideal solution for testing Instagram Stories and creating best practices with Mike’s Hard Lemonade.

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Customer Projects


Appleton Estate

Tone and feel

Appleton Estate struggled to source images that reflected the brand’s visual identity (raw, unpolished, authentic, and premium) for their Instagram & Facebook campaign.

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Localized imagery

Patron Tequila was looking for localized product shots along its global footprints, and struggled to source images in a time and price-efficient way.

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Smart Car

Affordable custom imagery

Smart struggled to create imagery to support their social activations, due to budget constraints.

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Localized imagery at scale

Mercedes-Benz wanted to create relevant, localized Canadian content without heavily investing in multiple in-house photoshoots.

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Food and beverage


Volume and variety

Frito-Lay required a high volume and variety of stylized but authentic product imagery, while optimizing shooting cost.

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Authentic images at scale

Gatorade needed images that honoured the relationship between pain and beauty that is central to the life of a Gatorade athlete.

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Financial services


Localized custom content at scale

MasterCard needed “daydream-worthy” images of globetrotting Canadians in Latin America, The Caribbean and Europe for an upcoming Instagram campaign, yet full production model for this scale would be cost prohibitive.

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Seasonal content on demand

Interac was looking for a collection of inspirational images to drive awareness of the Dinner In Black Contest for Toronto’s 2016 Winterlicious food festival, but creating upscale images at scale with a short lead time was challenging.

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Personal care

J&J Healthy Essentials

Visual brand consistency

J&J’s Healthy Essentials required authentic images of babies and their parents, while still maintaining consistent brand aesthetics.

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On-brand imagery at scale

Garnier required inspirational content to showcase their hair care products without having to organize expensive and lengthy custom shoots.

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Quick-serve restaurants


Instagram-worthy imagery

Chipotle was looking to boost their Instagram presence with a large volume of high quality custom imagery.

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Blaze Pizza

Localized content on-demand

With 2 new stores opening every week, Blaze Pizza needed an efficient way to source localized images relative to specific locations.

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Tech and telecom


Consistent look and feel

Samsung required imagery to convey the intuitive relationship between users and their products.

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Millennial instagram engagement

Fido struggled to get a wide variety of Instagram-worthy images targeting Millennial consumers.

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Travel and hospitality

Conrad Hotels

Create imagery across continents

Conrad Hotels needed aesthetic images to showcase its hotel properties in Dubai and Portugal for its Instagram campaign without incurring significant production cost.

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Alaska Airlines

Brand consistency at scale

Alaska Airlines wanted to showcase their broad range of destinations while consistently communicating the key element of the brand's story: a sense of optimism.

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Custom imagery

Xerox sought to showcase the use of their technology across myriad global transportation systems using custom visuals.

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Dun & Bradstreet

Authentic imagery at scale

Dun & Bradstreet needed imagery for their B2B communications campaign that featured the authentic moments of success that define our lives.

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Media and entertainment


Distinct look and feel

Pandora Radio needed a variety of visual content that was in-line with the brand's identity and resonated with their user base.

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Huffington Post

Custom imagery in multiple locations

Huffington Post needed images of emerging tech hubs across the US for an article, but found shooting costs and logistic complexities too daunting to execute.

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Volume and variety at scale

ALDI needed to create a high volume and variety of quality product-focused imagery while maximizing their marketing budget. 

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Customized content for all seasons

DKNY required product shots with key NYC landmarks in the background for upcoming campaigns, but were unable to source a wide variety of localized season-specific imagery.

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Victoria Emerson

High performance seasonal content

Victoria Emerson required high-performance creative visuals that would drive conversion rates for their Holiday campaign, yet ROI of previous Facebook ads had been low due to lack of campaign-specific imagery.

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Localized imagery at scale

Borrowell previously used generic content for paid social posts, but found they appeared undifferentiated and irrelevant to target customers. Borrowell found that creating custom images at high volume and variety was cost prohibitive.

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