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Experimenting and learning about other types of photography will only make you a better, stronger photographer. It also opens up endless new possibilities and opportunities to work with us and other clients. We want to elevate your growth as photographers and videographers through education and opportunity. 

We’re giving you the opportunity to get certified in additional categories, opening the potential for projects in different specialities that are outside your normal work. 


We’ve created an application form where you can submit new content that’s outside your typical portfolio in order to gather feedback from our photography team and get certified for other categories within your Shutterstock Custom Portfolio. This will allow your profile to show up in more places within Shutterstock Custom, and give you a greater brand reach access.


In order to do this, we ask that you submit sample images for each category that you are interested in shooting for our team to review. Here are some thought starters on sample imagery you can shoot:


Lifestyle Photography

A brunch or dinner party scenario: Next time you are out for brunch, or at a dinner party/weekend get together with your friends- bring along your camera and grab some photographs of people interacting with each other, prepped food, and beverages.

Product Photography

Grab some of your favourite props around the house, and set them on a table (wood slab, marble top, white backdrop etc.) Experiment placing your items around props such as fresh flowers, leaves, books or other accessories that fit the story of the product. Try experimenting with shallow depth of field and different angles. Flat-lays are also great depending on the product.



Food Photography

  • Step 1: Grab some pre-made food at your local grocery store that allows minimal cook prep and a few garnishes. (Example: a rotisserie chicken, parisienne potatoes, and a salad)

  • Step 2: Arrange nicely on a serving dish on a well set table. Grab some shots at different angles, and play around with the placement of props around them.

  • Step 3: Try to style a single plate vs. a full table set-up. Using a nice wood background, or other contrasting background that allows the food to stand out.

Once you’ve completed your sample shoot, you’re ready to re-apply! Request a portfolio re-review below: