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Using video content in news feed ads is proven to impact their effectiveness. With Facebook customers like Volkswagen attributing +26% increases in test drive requests to video; and Wendy's a +16pt increase in ad recall from video, brands need to be thinking about video as a regular part of their advertising mix.

Convert-to-Motion is a new tool from Shutterstock Custom that helps brands produce custom branded motion content from still images. Whether its cinemagraph or parallax video we use our expertise in custom content creation to transform still images into impactful branded motion assets for social advertising and other applications.

McCafe Cinemagraph for Facebook Ad

McCafe Cinemagraph for Facebook Ad

How does it work?

Convert-to-Motion follows the same simple process for creating custom content that our customers experience for other content format

1. Define your visual identity

    Upload your brand's visual identity, guidelines, and strategy.

2. Submit a brief

    Tell us what you want shot and we’ll match you to the right contributor.

3. Receive content

    Get your content back in as little as three or four weeks.

4. Give Feedback

    Tell us what you thought so your next brief is even smarter.