FlashStock Technology Inc.

What is Convert to Motion?

Convert to Motion, as the name suggests, repurposes still photography into motion format content. The visuals are converted into a linear motion format that captures the viewer's attention. 

In this example, the image of a woman standing on a cliffside in the foreground is juxtaposed by the surrounding mountains in the background.

Motion Format Use Cases

McDonald's cafe is steaming

McDonald’s Canada wanted to produce exciting pieces of content in support of a new product launch. A stop motion technique was used to create the content, which combined many still frames to add animation onto still photographs of the new product. The end result was the illumination of steam emanating from a McDonald's coffee cup that was then shared across Instagram Stories. The story was very engaging and performed well-above average. It reached 14% of the McDonald's Canada audience organically with only a 21% churn rate, performing in the top quadrant of similar pieces of content.

Screen Shot 2017-11-07 at 7.56.54 AM.png

Brands in motion