FlashStock Technology Inc.

What we do

Shutterstock Custom is an innovative way for brands to efficiently create custom content that's authentic, cost-effective, and scalable. Our platform ingests a brand's visual guidelines and creative strategy to then leverage a global network of creative talent to shoot high quality on brand content for them to use with their audiences.

Who we are

Based in Toronto, Canada, the Shutterstock Custom team is a diverse group of individuals with strong leadership at the top. With a passion for never settling for the status-quo, we're constantly seeking better, smarter solutions to creative challenges.

Executive Leadership Team

grant munro

Grant Munro

General Manager - Shutterstock Custom

Twitter: @gmunro123
LinkedIn: ca.linkedin.com/in/grantmunro        
Instagram: @gmunro123

Grant is the co-founder and General Manager of Shutterstock Custom, a leading provider of on-demand visual content for the world’s leading brands. He has helped more than 250 enterprise marketing teams, including AB InBev, L'Oréal, Nestlé, and McDonald's amongst many others, change the way they think, develop, and source creative content at scale.

Prior to starting Shutterstock Custom, Grant was the SVP Product at a leading social media management company and a product manager at Nokia. He has worked with a number of brands in a senior capacity including Coca-Cola, JP Morgan Chase, and Amway.

Grant holds an MBA from the University of Toronto (Rotman), and a BSc in Computer Science from the University of British Columbia.


Brett Mellon

VP, Head of Operations - Shutterstock Custom

LinkedIn: ca.linkedin.com/in/brett-mellon

Brett brings over 20 years of operational and executive experience in multiple verticals. His data driven approach allows teams and organizations to accelerate growth, improve efficiencies, and focus on foundational "first" principles of problem solving.  

Brett draws on a range of experiences from his time as a go-to divisional executive in the automotive sector. He was most recently the operational lead for PointClickCare during their tremendous growth phase. When not working on the next "big" challenge, Brett takes a great deal of pride in developing the next wave of leaders.  

Brett holds an Engineering degree from Queens University, has been a licensed Professional Engineer for 20 years.  

nael el shawwa

Nael El Shawwa

VP, Engineering - Shutterstock Custom

Twitter: @naelshawwa          
LinkedIn: ca.linkedin.com/in/naelelshawwa        
Instagram: @naelshawwa

Nael is a software craftsman and a hands-on technology leader with 12+ years of experience building digital products for users in marketing, finance, healthcare and retail. He's passionate about various technologies and how they can be used to enhance businesses' capabilities and delight their customers online.

Nael can be found at various Toronto tech meet-ups, and he is also the co-founder of a Toronto-based organization called #DevTO that hosts various events for the tech and startup community.

Nael holds a Bachelor of Software Engineering  & Management and a Masters of Computational Engineering (focused in Image Processing)  from McMaster University.


Mindy Loverin

VP, Strategic Partnerships -  Shutterstock Custom

Twitter: @mindyloverin          
LinkedIn: ca.linkedin.com/in/mindyloverin        
Instagram: @mindyloverin

Mindy is the VP of Strategic Partnerships at Shutterstock and one of the founders of the Shutterstock Custom business unit.

Her career in sales, marketing, and entrepreneurialism spans over 15 years and has been highlighted by the successful acquisition of technology start-up Flashstock in 2017. Mindy’s experience working with some of Shutterstock's largest and most valuable brand and agency customers gives her a unique insight into the challenges of senior marketers. 

In her current role she works hand-in-hand with Shutterstocks technology partners to develop programs and solutions to enable our customers to bridge the gap between visual content and performance marketing.


Reuben Tozman

VP, Product - Shutterstock Custom

Twitter: @reubentozman         
LinkedIn: ca.linkedin.com/in/reubentozman     

Reuben Tozman is currently the VP of Product for one of Toronto's fastest growing tech companies, Shutterstock Custom. Reuben is currently responsible for structuring the product and engineering organization to meet stakeholder demands and market conditions. His role provides full transparency throughout the organization on priorities and strategic objectives.

Previously, Reuben was with ScribbleLive as the Vice President of Client Services and Customer Success. At ScribbleLive, he had the opportunity to work with a seasoned executive team and help transition employees through several acquisitions.

Reuben authored 'Learning on Demand: How the Evolution of Technology is Shaping the Future of Learning' which was immediately listed in top ten books on the subject of online learning at the time of publication (2012). As a founder, CEO and member of executive teams, his work includes innovating products around adaptive learning systems, participating in open standards committees for technology, working in the digital content marketing space and bringing original ideas to market.


Braedon Hebert

VP, Finance - Shutterstock Custom

Twitter: @BraeMan         
LinkedIn: ca.linkedin.com/in/braedonhebert     

Braedon leads finance, human resources and office operations at Shutterstock Custom. After earning his CPA with KPMG and spending time with a big telecom company, Braedon left the corporate world to pursue his passions for technology and entrepreneurship. He was previously the VP Finance at Uberflip, a Toronto-based startup that he helped scale to become a leading content marketing SaaS platform.

Braedon prides himself on being considered an "operational" finance leader, with an ability to add value in running and growing a business while also having a solid handle on the dollars & cents. 

In addition to his wife and 2 young kids, Braedon loves SaaS metrics, spreadsheets, budgets, business strategy, making teammates laugh, dystopian fiction and Detroit-based sports teams.


Paul Cowan

VP, Marketing - Shutterstock Custom

Twitter: @cowanpkc         
Instagram: @cowanpkc
LinkedIn: ca.linkedin.com/in/paulcowan     

Paul has over 15 years of experience in brand marketing, working in both large matrix corporations and start-up environments. His skill set that blends technical knowledge, creative marketing and lateral problem solving. He is a data-driven marketer who has embraced technology trends and is a leader in advanced marketing techniques.

Paul’s experience in B2C marketing organizations and consulting with some of the world’s largest brands give him the knowledge of Shutterstock Custom's core target audience. His start-up and founder experience provide the growth marketing and creative insights required to engage audiences in more unconventional ways.