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[Webinar] How to Leverage Social Data and Create Content to Engage with Millennials

About the Webinar

Creative insights help you interpret what themes appeal to millennials. Leveraging big data helps you establish the sweet spot between audience insights, brand objectives, and creative articulation.

Your creative sweet spot is your roadmap, which helps you automate your creative process to define what thematic pieces of content to create and when to do so. 

Engaging visual content is in everyone’s best interests. Visuals that are bright, bold, and authentic can generate up to 180% more engagement than standard text posts. Insights you surmise from big data will help you create the right types of visuals that will induce even more engagement from millennials.

 You’ll Learn 

  • How to collect and analyze big data

  • The importance of identifying your creative spot

  • Tips to translate insights into creative strategies for content

  • How to automate your creative process with structured briefs

If you want to learn more about leveraging big data to improve your plans for content, register for this webinar.