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[Webinar] How Consistent Visual Guidelines Improve Brand Awareness, Affinity, and Recall

About the Webinar

Marketers are under pressure to produce more engaging content to support campaigns and connect with customers. But as demands for content, and especially visual content, continue to rise, marketers must ensure their creativity consistently aligns to the brand’s visual identity.

There are too many moving parts involved in traditional creative workflows, which increases the potential for inconsistent or off-brand visual content.

Marketers need clearly defined brand guidelines to calibrate their visual identities, and create consistently on-brand visual content. Brands should incorporate technology into their calibration process. This will build a centralized content creation solution, and ensure all content is consistently on-brand.

You’ll Learn

  • The impact of mobile behavior on content creation and consumption

  • How to calibrate visual brand guidelines and communicate your brand identity

  • Best practices to translate brand guidelines into technical requirements for shooting on-brand content

  • Case studies and best practices of calibrated brand content