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[Webinar] How to Create Seasonal Content for Different Audiences and Markets

About the Webinar

Seasonality influences what campaigns marketers choose to run and the types of content required to support those campaigns. Marketers run seasonal campaigns in markets all over the world, but must customize the types of content promoted in those markets and appeal to different audiences.

Localized cultures, nuances, environments, and holidays impact your plans for content. You need to consider each of these variables when developing seasonally-themed content.

In this webinar, you’ll learn how to create high quality custom content for seasonally-themed marketing campaigns. You’ll also learn about technological solutions that remove the strain from your limited creative resources so you can better customize your seasonal content.

You’ll Learn

  • The challenges behind creating effective seasonal marketing content

  • Why custom content is so important for effective seasonal marketing

  • How technology helps you create more custom seasonal content

  • Case studies and best practices for more effective seasonal campaigns